SPAWN THE DRIFT - Drift Competition

Saturday 20th April is Drift Competition Day

9am - 12pm
Individual Drift Competition
Individual Drifters will Drift the Track with other Drifters. No battles or knock outs. Judges will watch all individuals who will be judged on technique and style.
Team Drift Practice
Teams of 3 competing in the Team Drift Competition will practice for the Team Drift Event

12pm to 1.00pm
The Team Drift Competition will be held. Teams of 3 Drifters will do 2 runs each that will be judged and compared to the other Drift Teams. This is a one off as we are not aware of any other Team Drift Competition in Australia.

Team Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for team fluidity, proximity and emulation primarily. Flair and car presentation (team colours) and team name will have a minor impact.

Judge: Dan Mackie
Dan is the head judge in the Hi Tec Oils Drift Competition
He also has recently judged the D1Z Drift Competition in New Zealand
He also judges the WTAC Drifting in NSW

Team prizes proudly Sponsored by Shannons